Dec 3, 2015

Low band reception in South East Asia

Thank you all who understand that noise here on Low Bands is something different than in ideal locations with better electrical infrastructure and less thunder storms...

Yes, I wish I had space for some beverages in directions EU. US East Coast and US West Coast

Yes, I am pretty familiar with how tu use all filters and NB/NR buttons (and individual adjustments)

Yes. I know how to switch off AGC and fish for weak signals in the noise

Yes, I try my best to be active in my and your sunrise and sunset

Yes, I know that frustration of not ending up in my log exactly on the day. time, band or mode you desire.... may end up in some unpleasant feelings...

BUT my stimulation and motivation does not increase if I see comments on the cluster about bad ears.... Those have been very few in comparison with positive emails, but still.

Thank you for understanding that this is a Holiday Style operation with my family - and that I am limited by weight and space restrictions to bring hardware needed for all antennas I would like to install....

73 de Mats


  1. Look your QSO with YD0LIN:
    Comment: So fast im very nervous, YD├śLIN (allin) Contact with XV2D (Mats) from Vietnam.
    and thanks for 5 band QSO's in WW! de RU5A

    1. That was cute :) Will send her direct QSL card for sure. Thanks Pavel for contacts on 5 bands in WW!

  2. Thanks for your patience to be available at my sunrise on 80m. I have 2,750 band countries, but this was a new one for me.

    73 and safe travel home with your family.

    Mike AD5A

  3. A real pleasure working you Mike on 80 meters. This is a challenging path from W5 for sure. 73s and hope to work you from my home call RM2D