Dec 5, 2015

Last QSO made

Everything fun in life unfortunately always has an end. Last contacts were made tonight.

All antennas disassembled, spiderbeam poles washed clean from salt and sand.

More detailed summary will follow later but thanks again to all stations working and calling me. Not all managed to work me on all bands where needed. Low band reception in a resort here in Vietnam is indeed very, very challenging. Appreciate all for efforts made!

73 de Mats XV2D

1 comment:

  1. Great effort Mats! Sure that many many fellow ham's, not as lucky as me having you in the log at your previous activation from Vietnam, are very greatful for all contacts you have made.

    Have a safe trip home! looking forward to hear from you in a near future from Moscow.

    Welcome back from Paradise to North part of the World climate ... hi hi

    73 from your friend

    SE3X / SA3BYC