Dec 5, 2015

4337 uniques

Total amounts of contacts (dupes excluded) was slightly above 6200.

Out of these 6200, I logged 4337 unique call signs.

Hope some of those contacts were new ones to some of you.

Thanks again for two very nice weeks and I hope to be back in Vietnam in the future for a dedicated Low Band Effort with verticals for 40, 80 and 160 meters, and some beverage antennas in direction W6. W1 and Europe.

QSL will be uploaded for all contacts in the near future (still miss the first day of operation due to LOTW certificate validity starting only on Nov 22nd. The license was valid from Nov 15th, so no problems. Eventually that first day of operation will be uploaded via LOTW also. All other contacts are ok and uploaded already.

No buro QSLs but I would be happy to confirm Direct QSLs once my cards have been received from UA1OMS QSL Print. Please SAE and sufficient coverage for postage (Green Stamps or New IRCs).

73 and hope to see you from my normal call RM2D in a little while.

XV2D, Mats (also RM2D, SM6LRR, 4S7LRG, 5B/SM6LRR and other calls)

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