Dec 4, 2013

Sorry for temporary bad ears...

Today around 10.00 UTC I tried to copy signals from Europe on 15 meters CW through very disturbing local QRM.

Could not understand where it originated from, as 15 meters normally is quiet here.

After several challenges to copy weak signals I started looking around in the room and found a possible reason. Asked my wife to unplug the charger for Ipad and at once the noise disappeared!
I must admit that the charger was not Apple original :)

Sorry for those who called but I was unable to copy.  Especially sorry to the SM?Q station that tried in vain.  Could have been SM0Q or SM5QU... or someone else.  Let us try tomorrow with all pirate chargers far away from the sockets.

Now will make a 4 hour QRX and return on 30 meters around 1400-1430 UTC (between 10100-10110).

Thanks a lot for all who managed to copy weak signals on 15 from here!

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