Dec 4, 2013

15 meters

The 10 meter wire vertical has now been extended to a 15 meter wire vertical. Initial tests during the morning indicates better success than on 10 meters. Let us hope that signals into Europe are better than past days on 10.

Many ask why signals are weaker than my Scandinavian colleague XV2RZ. I don' t know frankly speaking. My license only allows for 200 W so decided to leave amplifier at home. Maybe he was more lucky to get higher power limit in his license, maybe better height of antenna, maybe better antenna or location.

My takeoff to North East, East, South East is really good. Many US stations in log on 30 meters.

Thank you ALL for good ears trying to pick up my weak 100 Watt signals from here!

Update:  R7TW and UD3T already in log on 15 meters before Russian sunrise. Looks promissing.

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