Dec 10, 2013

A few more days to go

In the afternoon on Thurday (Dec 12th) I will start dismantling the station. One day earlier than planned due to the fact that our flight leaves early on Saturday morning and we do not want to spend 6 hours in taxi from Mui Ne to Ho Chi Minh during the night. We therefore leave already Friday morning from here.

40 meter gave some good runs to North America yesterday evening. Also 12 meters gave some good openings to US west coast, KL7, W5 and W0.

12 meter antenna has now been changed to 17 meters which I have not activated much so far. Please look for me on lower part of CW section from 0930 UTC today. My evening will be devoted to 40 meters again.

Thanks again for good ears and for all contacts!


  1. Thanks for the 40M QSO on the 8th! Your signal came up nicely here on the east coast.

    Brought back memories of my year, 1969, north of you at Cam Ranh Bay.

    TNX & 73,


  2. Hello Thorny!

    Very pleased to work you on 40 meters.

    Hope to work you also on other bands.