Nov 27, 2015

Ready for CQWW... more or less

Finally managed to get up an antenna for 80 meter, but this is no miracle antenna...   Just an Inverted Vee installed on a 12 meter Spiderbeam pole. Seems to go out pretty ok. Worked quite a few W6/W7 and some Europeans as well. The challenge is reception - electrical installations here are not ideal for low band RX.

My 20 meter VDA was converted to a single vertical dipole, and moved closer to the beach. The reason was that the wind is really very gusty and it was impossible to keep the three elements in line. First test seems ok and managed to work quite a few Europeans via a nice Long Path opening in the afternoon.

LOTW uploaded for contacts 22-26 November, but still missing the certificate for the 30 meter contacts made on the 21st. This will come when I return home to Moscow.

Just one more day until CQWW - looking forward very much to participate.

73 de Mats


  1. Mats, looking forward to working you on 20M in CQWW.


    -Gary K9GS

    1. Thanks for the CQWW QSO Mat. You were on exactly when I thought we would have propagation.

      Keep up the great work!